Construction Robotics


A New Paradigm for How Work Gets Done

In collaboration with robotic and automated solutions, the construction industry is both more productive and more imaginative than ever.


Construction Robotics is on the leading edge of revolutionizing one the largest industries worldwide. By integrating smart robotic and automation solutions into existing construction jobsite workflow, labor efforts are amplified while catapulting productivity to new levels.


Scott Peters and Nate Podkaminer have 60 years of combined experience producing engineering solutions at massive scale and in harsh environments for the construction and automotive industries.

Having held roles in engineering and management at GM and Intel for 17 years, Scott is adept at leading development of hardware with software integrated solutions.

Nate brings 40 years of deep industry knowledge and connections and a unique perspective of the industry’s pain points and opportunity.

Rafael Astacio brings the experience of 15 high growth years leading global sales divisions at Hilti.

Scott, Nate, and Rafael are backed by a talented and growing team of 30, in Victor, New York.


Construction Robotics offers two core technologies: a semi-autonomous suite of robots and the smart lift assists. CR has deployed a Semi-Autonomous Mason (SAM) which assists masonry teams with laying exterior bricks and Material Unit Lift Enhancer (MULE). These solutions increase workforce productivity by 3 – 5 times while dramatically improving the quality of life and extending the careers of trade workers.

Contractors are seeing a return of investment on SAM in under 2 years and on MULE in as little as 3 months.