Formarum | Dive Pool Systems


A Disruptive Force in Turbine Technology

The smallest, most efficient micro-turbine ever created… has arrived.


Formarum has developed a breakthrough solution for harnessing the energy of small-scale fluid infrastructure. The company’s patent-pending turbine technology extracts the power from inline flowing water and can redeploy this energy in a variety of ways to create customer value.

The initial application will be through wholly owned subsidiary – Dive Pool Systems.  Dive offers a revolutionary salt-chlorination system that creates a salt water swimming pool with no electricity.  This market-first device is powered by harnessing the power of flowing pool water, and intuitively optimizes chlorination levels based on pool temperature, precipitation, and flow rate.  This solution comes complete with a smart phone app that converts existing systems into a “smart pool”.


The Formarum team – spearheaded by Seyed Nourbakhsh and Moe Dini – brings a deep understanding of turbomachinery, along with unique expertise in chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering.


While the pool industry is rapidly adopting salt-chlorination, there are still 8.5 million traditional chlorine pools in the US & Canada. Dive provides an easy to install device that takes the hassle out of pool management. With a significant purchase order in hand, the company is tooling up for a national roll out. With a one-of-a kind device, a distinguished team, and a $10B market opportunity, we are very excited about the future of Formarum.