The Vader Fund


Vader Systems – Liquid Metal 3D Printing

A Disruptive Force in Metal Manufacturing


With the radical expansion of 3D printing, all eyes are now on metal.  Buffalo’s own, Vader Systems, has developed a revolutionary solution that has caught the attention of some of the worlds largest manufacturers.  Vader’s patented, Magnetojet technology, will make 3D metal printing possible for a wide audience of industrial companies, and change the way engineers approach metallic design.  Magnetojet creates highly sought after geometries at an economically disruptive part costs.


Scott and Zack Vader are a unique father and son founder team that persistently worked in their basement for two years before attracting early seed investment.  They are charting new territory within a field central to their technology, known as magnetohodrodynamics.  They are passionate, don’t give up, and have an innovation engine that is creating a revolution.


The 3D Metal printing space is expected to grow exponentially over the next five years and companies are being acquired for 10 – 15 times revenue.  With this tailwind in place, and Vader’s unique offering, the company has the potential to both greatly impact metal manufacturing and generate strong investment returns.  With a long list of global manufacturers interested in working with Vader, we expect their future to be bright.